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Follow the links to the left to view images of the daylilies/seedlings I'm growing here in my zone 6, Central Kentucky gardens. I'm also pleased to share pictures of our pets, farm, and various pieces of nature I find out in the fields and woods.  Enjoy!

Elna AKA Che

I am currently growing over 200 named cultivars.  All daylily photos in the galleries are taken here in my gardens unless noted.  Check out my 'general daylily information' pages for more daylily related images. 
I have over 100 seedlings from years past that I am currently growing for evaluation.  Most will be for sale soon as unnamed seedlings.  There are a few that I have chosen to register.  Please check back this spring when I will list those for sale. 
Photos - Nature
Fossils, rocks, snakes, spiders, flowers, trees, birds, insects, and bugs.  Lots of life out there in the field and gardens.
Photos - Farm
Mays Acres Farm is located on 240 rolling acres in Central Kentucky.  Since the 1940's there have been many different types of livestock raised here by the May family, we now raise mixed Angus cows/calves as well as daylilies.  Luckily, the calving season has peaked before the daylilies take over almost all of my time.
Photos - Pets
Meet my shadow, Scout...and farm dog, Jet.



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A weed is just a wildflower with attitude.

Why was Tuck such an ugly duckling?

Syrup filled ants, stinging caterpillars, cicadas molting at midnight.

 Pictures from the January 2009 Ice Storm in Boyle County, Kentucky