May's Acres Daylilies
Danville, Kentucky 40422


(born November 17, 2013)

(brought home April 6, 2010 from the Mercer County Humane Society.  Apprx. 3 mo. old - September 29, 2022)


SCOUT  (June 27, 2002 - May 28, 2013)  

Scout.....escaping.  It took less than two days to figure out how to climb out of this play yard.
First day at home.  Jet was curious, but a bit aggressive, so we kept the two apart with the electric fence.
Scout....little dog (for now), Jet....big dog.  Their first day as 'almost friends'.
Canning tomatoes with a puppy is loads of fun.
Luckily, hostas are non-toxic....good thing he hasn't acquired a taste for daylilies!
Getting a little bigger.......09/25/02, almost three month old.
These are Scout's parents....Inga von der Koenigreich and Apache Krieger vom Rockhaus
December 2002, getting bigger, but not quite 'big' enough for that cherished trip to the farm.  Scout hasn't figured out that a chainsaw isn't something to 'investigate'....he's also not really ready to deal with a momma cow's hoof or head butt.
Scout and Jet and a few thousand maple seeds, June 2003.

JET  (November 2, 1997 - November 12, 2009) 

 Mud dog
  Nose-y dog
 King of the Mountain
"Any left for me?"


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A weed is just a wildflower with attitude.

Why was Tuck such an ugly duckling?

Syrup filled ants, stinging caterpillars, cicadas molting at midnight.