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Please check availability before ordering, you can email me and I will reply ASAP with availability, total payment due, and my address if you'd like to mail payment in the form of a check or money order.

I have included a paypal button this year if you'd prefer to pay online.

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I will dig all daylilies within 24 hours of shipping.  They will be trimmed, rinsed, dried briefly and sent bareroot, packed dry.

Some plants have been lined out since the previous fall, some will be divided out of a mature clump. Certain cultivars are available in only very limited quantities so please check for availability before ordering.

I ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturday via Priority Mail after receiving payment with check, money order, or paypal.

Shipping charges are $10 for first three daylilies, $1.00  for each additional cultivar. Continental USA sales only at this time. I will ship daylilies until the summer heat takes hold, usually late July/August. Any order can be held for fall shipment upon request. Fall shipping will start when the weather cools a bit (out of the 90s) , and will continue through the last day of September or until our first frost.



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