May's Acres Daylilies
Danville, Kentucky 40422


$10 TAFFETA MIST TAFFETA MIST  (GUIDRY 1993) 22, EE, re, 5, EV, DIP, pink w red ez, gr thr, frag   
$6 TENDER LOVE TENDER LOVE  (YANCEY 1970)    22, VL,  6.5, DOR, DIP, flesh pink blend, gr thr
$12 TENNESSEE FLYCATCHER TENNESSEE FLYCATCHER  (HARRIS-REINKE 1992) 34, EM, 10, EV, DIP, creamy lavender, dark burgundy eyezone, frag
SOLD OUT  TERRY LYNINGER TERRY LYNINGER (Carpenter, J 2003) 24", E, 6", EV, DIP, RE, gold with brown eye above green throat
SOLD OUT  THAT AWAY THAT AWAY (Hansen 1998) 30", EM, 6", SEV, DIP, YES, diamond dusted ivory feathered violet spectrum pastels of purple and pewter blue, ufo crispate
$10 THUNDER AND LIGHTNING THUNDER AND LIGHTNING   (CARR 1995)   24, EM,  5.5, EV, TET, deep purple blend, purple ez gold edge, frag    
TORINO TORINO (Stamile 2006) 24", EM, 6", EV, TET, RE, near white self above green throat, double 90%
$15 TROPICAL DELIGHT TROPICAL DELIGHT  (STAMILE G, 1996) 10, EM, re, 2, SEV, DIP, rose coral blend, gr thr

One of Grace Stamile's "Popcorn Doubles".

$8 TRUDY HARRIS TRUDY HARRIS    (HARRIS-BENZ 1987)    30, M, re, 5.5, EV, TET, brt rose pink self, lime gr thr, frag    
 TUTANKHAMUN TUTANKHAMUN (Elliott 1978) 26", M, 5", DOR, DIP, lilac purple and cream edged lilac bicolor with deep lilac eyezone and green yellow throat, extended bloom
$8 'Twisted Red' (unknown)   Twisted Red (unknown origin)
$7 UNIQUE STYLE UNIQUE STYLE  (CARPENTER K 1985)    21, M, re, 3.25, DOR, DIP, yell edged rose, amber & yell gr, frag     
VELVET EYES VELVET EYES (Stamile 2001) 30", EM, 4", SEV, TET, RE, red with black eye above green throat
$7 WHITE TEMPTATION WHITE TEMPTATION  (SELLERS 1978)    32, M,  5, SEV, DIP, near white self, gr thr
DISPLAY WILD HORSES WILD HORSES   (TRIMMER 1999) 37, E, re, 7, EV, TET, cream yellow w, black purple halo        MOONLIT MASQUERADE X Tetra CLEOPATRA (photo taken at Thoroughbred Daylilies 2002)
$7 WILLIAM AUSTIN NORRIS WILLIAM AUSTIN NORRIS   (SALTER 1995)   28, EM, re, 5.5, SEV, TET, medium pink blend, gr thr
 WIND SONG WIND SONG (Bryant, E 1974) 28", M, 6", SEV, DIP, blend of cream flushed pink with cream throat, extended bloom
$7 WINEBERRY CANDY WINEBERRY CANDY   (STAMILE 1990)   22, EM,  4.75, DOR, TET, orchid w purple ez, gr thr, frag      
$6 WINNING WAYS WINNING WAYS   (WILD 1963)    32, EM,  6, DOR, DIP, greenish yellow self, small gr thr
$8 WITCH STITCHERY WITCH STITCHERY   (MORSS 1986)    26, EE, re, 5.5, SEV, TET, cream w lav ez edged, purple w gr thr
DISPLAY WIZARD'S PUZZLE WIZARDS PUZZLE  (SALTER EH 1998) 28, M, re, 4, SEV, TET, ivory pink w lav w, dark magenta eyezone
$11 YABBA DABBA DOO YABBA DABBA DOO  (HANSEN 1993)    30, L, re, 10, SEV, DIP, medium purple self, large chartreuse thr
$8 YELLOW BOUQUET YELLOW BOUQUET  (WEBSTER R 1983) 18, EE, re, 3, DOR, DIP, light yellow self, frag
$10 YELLOW EXPLOSION YELLOW EXPLOSION  (OAKES 1989)  27, ML, 5.5, DOR, DIP, yellow self   (large image shows size comparison to SAUCY ROGUE)
$8 YUMA YUMA   (WHATLEY 1979)   25, ML,  6, DOR, TET, yellow rose blend, yell throat


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A weed is just a wildflower with attitude.

Why was Tuck such an ugly duckling?

Syrup filled ants, stinging caterpillars, cicadas molting at midnight.