May's Acres Daylilies
Danville, Kentucky 40422


SOLD OUT GENTLE SHEPHERD  (YANCEY 1980) 29", EM, 5", near white self, SEV, DIP

I can't say that GENTLE SHEPHERD has the best plant habit, but it does have the whitest 'near white' bloom I've seen. 06/20/20 GENTLE SHEPHERD won't be available for at least a year or two. A few fans made it through this past winter, but just barely.

DISPLAY GLITTERING LIGHT    (SPALDING W 1976)   24, EM, 4.75, SEV, DIP, cherry red self, gr thr
$6 GRAPE VELVET ( WILD 1978)   24, M, 4.5, DOR, DIP, grape purple, gr thr 

If you're looking for a 'true purple', this comes as close as I've ever seen.

$16  GREAT WHITE GREAT WHITE (Stamile 1996) 28", EM, 6", EV, TET, YES, ivory cream self with green throat, extended bloom
$15 GREEK GODDESS (Kirchhoff, D 1987) 29", E, 6", EV, TET, Empire yellow touched pink with gold edge, extended bloom
$10 H. fulva rosea  - species
$8 HAPPY RETURNS   (APPS 1986)   18, EE, 3.13, SEV, DIP, light yellow self, , frag 
$6 HORTENSIA   (BRANCH CE 1964)  34, M, re, 5, DOR, DIP, yellow self, gr thr
$10 HUCKLEBERRY CANDY    (STAMILE 1998)   20, EM, re, 4.25, DOR, TET, cream w blue ez, gr thr, frag 
$6 ICE CARNIVAL  (CHILDS F 1967) 28, M, re, 6, DOR, DIP, near white self, green throat, VFR
$9 IDA WIMBERLY MUNSON    (MUNSON RW 1979)   28, ML, re, 6, SEV, TET, lilac cream self, cr gr thr, frag  
display IDA'S MAGIC   (MUNSON RW 1988)   28, EM, re, 6, EV, TET, amber peach edged, gold w gr gold thr 
$6 IN HIS STEPS   (MACMILLAN 1973)    24, EM, re, 6, EV, DIP, pink cream blend, gr thr
$10 INDIAN GIVER   (FERGUSON, 1991)   20, EM, re, 4.5, SEV, DIP, purple w lav edge, purple wm green throat   This image was taken during early evening light after a hot summer day, still showing good color.
$10 INDY RHAPSODY   (ANDERSON D 1990)    19, ML,  4.5, DOR, DIP, rose red edged white, on sepals gr thr  
$10 'Jackson seedling'  (MATT X SHINTO ETCHING)  received this seedling as a bonus plant from Mike Jackson back in 1999.
$6 JANICE BROWN  (BROWN EC 1986)   21, EM,  4.25, SEV, DIP, bright pink w rose, pink ez gr thr
$6 JEN MELON  (OAKES 1987)    26, L, re, 5, DOR, DIP, melon cream self, chart thr, VFR
$6 JOAN SENIOR  (DURIO 1977)  25, EM, re, 6, EV, DIP, near white self, lime gr thr
$6 'Joe Freeman seedling'  given to Thelma May by Mr. Freeman, citing the tendancies of this seedling to polypetal as his reason for not registering it.  I haven't observed any significant amount of poly-ing though.
$7 LADY NEVA LADY NEVA ( Alexander and Moody 1970)  42", Early Midseason , Rebloom, Diploid, Semievergreen, Fragrant, Unusual Form, Soft buff yellow with rose eye.
$7 LA FENICE  (MUNSON RW 1988)     22, EM, re, 6, EV, TET, salmon rose self, gr gold thr  
$7 LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT  (SPALDING 1970) 26, E, re, 6, SEV, DIP, flesh pink self, deep green throat
$8 LAST FLIGHT OUT (HANSEN 1992)    22, EM, re, 6, SEV, TET, near white, dk viol navy ez, frag  
 LAVENDER BLUE BABY LAVENDER BLUE BABY (Carpenter, J 1996) 28", EM, 6", DOR, DIP, RE, lavender blue with lavender blue eyezone and green throat, STOUT MEDAL 2007
$7 LEXINGTON AVENUE  (MUNSON RW 1990)     24, EM, re, 6, EV, TET, wine w lt whitish, wine ez  
 LILTING BELLE LILTING BELLE (Wilson 1983) 36", M, 8", SEV, DIP, pink with lavender overtones and near white eye, extended bloom
$6 LITTLE GRAPETTE LITTLE GRAPETTE  (WILLIAMSON 1970)     12, E, 2, SEV, DIP, grape self            
$8 LITTLE BUMBLEBEE (popular, but not registered) Tiny, tight little blooms...cute!
$6 LITTLE FAT CAT  (BROWN EC 1992)    26, EM, 3, SEV, DIP, near white self, gr thr

 LITTLE WART LITTLE WART (Spalding 1964) 24", M, 3", DOR, DIP, lavender self with green throat

 LITTLE ZINGER LITTLE ZINGER (Lankart 1979) 16", EM, 3", SEV, DIP, red self with very green throat
 LOLA BRANHAM LOLA BRANHAM (Burkey 1991) 38", ML, 7.5", DOR, DIP, lavender blend, ufo
$12 LONG STOCKING  (Stamile 1997)   46", Early Midseason, Rebloom, 9.5",  Red self, Evergreen, Tet,  Spider variant bsp;
$6 LULLABY BABY  (SPALDING W 1975)    19, EM, re, 3.5, SEV, DIP, light pink, gr thr, frag
 LURCH LURCH (Stamile 2000) 30", EM, 9", EV, TET, RE, cream with lavender and purple patterned eyezone, green throat, ufo spatulate
$8 LYRIC OPERA  (MOLDOVAN 1984) 28, M, re, 5.5, DOR, TET, greyed rose velvet, edged gold


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