May's Acres Daylilies
Danville, Kentucky 40422


$7 DAKOTA DESTINY DAKOTA DESTINY  (SALTER 1995)  28,EM, 4.75, EV, TET, plum w dark purple ez gr thr
$6 DARING DILEMMA DARING DILEMMA (SALTER 1992)   24, M, 5, SEV, TET, cream tinted pink, plum edge & ez
$12 DAVID KIRCHHOFF DAVID KIRCHHOFF (SALTER  1992)  26, ML, re, 5.5, SEV, TET, lavender blend, gr thr

 DE COLORES DE COLORES (Temple 1992) 28", E, 9", EV, DIP, RE, rose, tan and yellow spider with red and purple eyezone, very green throat, spider
$10 DESTINED TO SEE width= DESTINED TO SEE (Grace, L 1998) 24", EM, 6", EV, TET, cream yellow with lavender eye and edge above yellow green throat

 DISRAELI DISRAELI (Moldovan 1975) 26", E, 6", SEV, TET, burgundy rose with chalk white eyezone and green yellow throat
$6 DOUBLE BOURBON DOUBLE BOURBON  (MCEWEN 1968)   28, M, re, 4.5, DOR, DIP, orange brown, yell mr
$6 DOUBLE CUTIE DOUBLE CUTIE  (BROWN B  1972)  13, EM, re, 4, EV, DIP, chartreuse self, gr thr 

DOUBLE GRAPETTE DOUBLE GRAPETTE (Brown, B 1976)24", E, 5", EV, DIP, dark, purple self with green throat, extended bloom, double .
$10 DOWN HOME DOWN HOME  (STAMILE 1993), 26, EM, re, 6, SEV, TET, pink and green blend, gr thr, frag 
$8 EARLIANNA EARLIANNA  (BETSCHER 1938)   24, E, re,  DOR, DIP, med yell orange self, frag
$6 EASY NED EASY NED  (BROWN B 1987)   40, VL,  6.5, EV, DIP, chartreuse self, gr thr, frag
DISPLAY ED BROWN ED BROWN  (SALTER 1994)  28, EM, re, 5.5, SEV, TET, pink self w gold, edge gr thr
$6 ED MURRAY ED MURRAY (GROVATT 1971) 30, M, 4, DOR, DIP, black red self, gr thr
$10 EENIE WEENIE EENIE WEENIE  (ADEN 1976) 10, EM, 2, EV, DIP, yellow self, green throat
$12 EGGPLANT ESCAPADE EGGPLANT ESCAPADE  (REED 1996)  36, ML, 6.5, DOR, DIP, eggplant purple, yell thr
$10 ELEGANT CANDY ELEGANT CANDY (STAMILE 1995)   25, EM, re, 4.25, DOR, TET, pink w red ez, gr thr, VFR
$7 ELEGANTISSIMA ELEGANTISSIMA  (MORSS 1990) 28, EM, re, 6.5, EV, TET, flesh w lilac blush, edged gold lilac eyezone, frag
HOLD FOR INCREASE ELIZABETH'S MAGIC ELIZABETH'S MAGIC  (SALTER 1990)   24, M, re, 6, SEV, TET, lav purple edged, deep gold w gr thr
 EMPERORS CHOICE EMPERORS CHOICE (Benz 1991) 24", ML, 5", DOR, TET, lemon yellow self with deep green throat
ENCHANTED APRIL ENCHANTED APRIL (Trimmer 1993) 24", ML, 6", DOR, TET, lavender pink self with gold edge and yellow green throat
$8 ETCHED EYES ETCHED EYES  (KASKEL1994) 28, E,  5.5, EV, TET, cream yellow, raspberry ez
$8 EXOTIC ECHOES EXOTIC ECHO  (SELLERS 1984)  16, M,  3, DOR, DIP, pink cream blend, double burgundy ez
$7 EZEKIEL EZEKIEL  (TALBOTT 1991)   28, M,  5, EV, TET, black red self, yell gr thr
$8 FAIRY TALE PINK FAIRY TALE PINK  (PIERCE C 1980)  24, M, re, 6, SEV, DIP, pink self, gr thr
$12 FINAL TOUCH FINAL TOUCH  (APPS 1991)   32, L,  4.75, DOR, DIP, pink & lav bicolor, gr thr, frag
$10 FIRES OF FUJI FIRES OF FUJI  (HUDSON B 1990) 28, M, re, 5, SEV, TET, red edged orange, tan bitone
$10 FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN (Harding, F 1993) 28", EM, 6", DOR, TET, RE, pink self with gold ruffle and green throat
 FORTY SECOND STREET FORTY SECOND STREET (Kirchhoff, D 1991) 24", M, 5", EV, DIP, RE, pastel pink with bright rose eyezone, yellow to green throat, extended bloom, double
$11 FRANCES JOINER FRANCES JOINER  (JOINER 1988)   24, M, re, 5.5, DOR, DIP, rose blend, gr yell thr, frag


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A weed is just a wildflower with attitude.

Why was Tuck such an ugly duckling?

Syrup filled ants, stinging caterpillars, cicadas molting at midnight.