May's Acres Daylilies
Danville, Kentucky 40422


$10 ADA MAY MUSICK ADA MAY MUSICK (Lambertson 2003) 34, EM, RE, 7, SEV, TET, light pink lavender with pale blue eye and inner edge, cream outer edge above green throat 

ADA MAY MUSICK will sometimes bloom as a poly, as shown in the thumbnail, left. Click on the thumbnail to see its normal bloom



AGGIE SELLERS (MacMillan 1974) 21, E, RE, 5, EV, DIP, cream pink blend, green throat 

I can always tell AGGIE SELLERS from the other daylilies even without its blooms, the foliage is a lovely shade of blue green here in my garden.

$8 ALL AMERICAN PLUM ALL AMERICAN PLUM (Morss 1995) 30, E, re, 5.5, EV, TET, purple self, green  throat 
$8 ALWAYS AFTERNOON ALWAYS AFTERNOON (Morss 1987) 22, E, re, 5.5, SEV, TET, mauve edged buff, purple ez gr thr
$6 AMY (T.May seedling) AMY (Thelma May, unregistered)  
SOLD OUT ANNA ROSE GLIDDEN ANNA ROSE GLIDDEN (Carpenter J. 1990)  26, M, re, 6.5, EV, DIP, coral self, green  throat, VFR  Somewhat tender here in zone 6, probably better for more southern gardens.
$6 APOLLODORUS APOLLODORUS (Munson  RW 1985)  28, ML, 4.5, EV, TET, violet purple self, cream yell thr
$6 ARRIBA ARRIBA (Griesbach-Hardy 1968) 32", E, 5", DOR, TET, red self with green throat. ARRIBA will occasionally poly as shown, but it's not its normal bloom.
$10 AUTUMN MINERET AUTUMN MINERET (Stout A 1951) 66, ML, DOR, DIP, orange yellow w ez, frag

TALL!!  took this picture by holding the camera up over my head.

$10 AUTUMN WOOD AUTUMN WOOD (Doughtery H 1991)   24, M, 5.5, DOR, DIP, peach & green, polychrome green throat  Beautiful blend of colors!!
$6 BALLET MUSIC BALLET MUSIC (Munson RW 1984) 18, M, re, 4.5, EV, TET, pale pink self, yell gr thr


BALLS OF RED BALLS OF RED (Miles J, 1964) 30, M, 5, DOR, DIP, red self
$8 BARBARA MITCHELL BARBARA MITCHELL (Pierce C 1984)  20, M, re, 6, SEV, DIP, pink self, gr thr 
$7 BARBARY CORSAIR BARBARY CORSAIR (Hudson 1980) 16", M, 3", SEV, DIP, RE, violet plum purple self with lime green throat
$7 BECKY LYNN BECKY LYNN  (Guidry 1977)  20, EE, re, 6.75, SEV, DIP, rose blend, gr thr, VFR
$6 BED OF ROSES BED OF ROSES (Wynne 1963)  30, ML, 4.25, DOR, DIP, cerise self, gr thr 
$15 BELA LUGOSI BELA LUGOSI  (HANSON C 1995) 33, M, 6, SEV, TET, deep purple self, green throat
$10 BERTIE FERRIS BERTIE FERRIS  (Winniford 1969)  20, E, 2.5, DOR, DIP, persimmon self


BEST OF FRIENDS BEST OF FRIENDS  (Spalding 1975) 19, EM, 6.5, EV, DIP, deep pink blend, gr thr
DISPLAY BETTY WARREN WOODS BETTY WARREN WOODS (Munson RW 1987)   24, EM, re, 4.5, EV, TET, cream yellow self, gr thr, frag
$12 BETTY WOODS BETTY WOODS (Kirchhoff D 1980)   26, E, re, 5.5, N/A, DIP, chinese yellow self, gr heart, VFR
$9 BIG KISS BIG KISS  (Joiner 1991)   28, M, re, 5.5, DOR, DIP, lt peach, lt rose ez gr thr, frag 
$15  BIG SUR BIG SUR (Stamile 1997) 30", EM, 7", SEV, TET, RE, rose self with green throat , extended bloom
display BLACK EYED STELLA BLACK EYED STELLA  (Roberson 1989)   13, E, re, 3.13, DOR, DIP, golden yellow, red ez yell gold thr


BLACK EYED SUSAN BLACK EYED SUSAN  (Stevens D, 1983)   26, M, 5.5, DOR, TET, butter yellow, red purple ez 
$6 BLACK PLUSH BLACK PLUSH  (Connell 1955)  32, M,  EV, DIP, red black self
SOLD OUT  BLUE EYED BUTTERFLY BLUE-EYED BUTTERFLY (Lambertson 1996) 24, EM, 6", SEV, TET, near white with medium blue eyezone and green throat, extended bloom
$6 BONANZA BONANZA (Ferrick 1954)  34, M, DOR, DIP, orange yellow self, frag
DISPLAY BOUNTIFUL CANDY BOUNTIFUL CANDY (Stamile 1998)   26, EM, re, 3.5, EV, TET, cream w raspberry, wine ez gr thr, frag 
$6 BROCADED GOWN BROCADED GOWN (Millikan B 1979)   26, EM, re, 6, SEV, DIP, lemon cream self, chart thr    
 CAMEROON'S TWISTER CAMEROON'S TWISTER (Benz 2000) 40", ML, 8", DOR, TET, RE, wine purple with pale watermark and eye, green throat, extended bloom, nocturnal, ufo crispate
$8 CARPENTER'S SHAVINGS CARPENTER'S SHAVINGS (Kropf 1976)    21, M, re, 4, DOR, DIP, reddish mahogany, darker ez, frag
$6 CATHERINE WOODBURY CATHERINE WOODBURY  (CHILDS F 1967) 30, ML, 6, DOR, DIP, orchid self, green throat, VFR,
$10 CHALLENGER CHALLENGER  (Stout A 1949)   48+, M, re, EV, DIP, medium red self


$8 CHARLES JOHNSTON CHARLES JOHNSTON  (Gates L 1981)   24, EM, re, 6, SEV, TET, cherry red self, gr thr, frag
DISPLAY CHERRY BERRY CHERRY BERRY (Stamile 1989)   30, M, 4.25, DOR, TET, cream w wine ez, gr thr, VFR
$6 CHICAGO APACHE (Marsh & Klehm 1981) 27, M, 5, Tet, Dor, Scarlet Self
$6 CHORUS LINE CHORUS LINE  (Kirchhoff D 1981)   20, E, re, 3.5, EV, DIP, medium pink w rose, band yell halo, VFR 
$6 CHOSEN LOVE CHOSEN LOVE (MAXWELL T  1970)   26, EM, re, 6, SEV, DIP, lavender self, gr thr, frag 
$15 CINDERELLA'S DARKSIDE CINDRELLA'S DARK SIDE  (Apps 1995)    36, M, 3.13, DOR, DIP, maroon black, black purple halo
DISPLAY CLEOPATRA CLEOPATRA (Thomas 1964)    34, E, 5, Evergreen, DIP, pink melon w red, purple ez.

Note: If you're a collector and want a small fan or two of CLEOPATRA ($8), please inquire using the 'contact tab', top right on the webpage. CLEOPATRA has been very temperamental in my garden, and the fans are VERY small by nature. If you're south of Kentucky, it may do just fine in your garden. Pretty bloom.

$10 CONDILLA CONDILLA  (GROOMS 1977)   20, EM, no, 4.5, DOR, DIP, deep gold self 
$10 CORKY CORKY (FISCHER HA 1959) 34, M, N/A, DOR, DIP, pinard yellow self
$6 CORRYTON PINK CORRYTON PINK (Kirby-Oakes 1981)   32, EM, 6.5, DOR, TET, pearl pink blend, gr thr
$10 COURT MAGICIAN COURT MAGICIAN (MUNSON RW  1987)   26, EM, re, 5, EV, TET, purple w chalky, lilac ez yell gr thr  
SOLD OUT CREATIVE EDGE CREATIVE EDGE (STAMILE  1993)  23, M, re, 6, SEV, TET, cream lavender, purple edges & ez, frag 
$15 CRINTONIC SHADOWLANDS CRINTONIC SHADOWLANDS (Hanson C 1995)  34, EM,  5.5, SEV, TET, orchid rose w, bluish halo gr thr


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